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Precious Denture LAB provides a variety of dentures and partials, with and without metal frameworks, to suit the needs of your patients. Our range of products enables you to balance aesthetics and cost to offer your patients a top quality product at an affordable price

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We provide worry-free guarantee to all our products and services.

denture Design

Precious Denture Lab provides a variety of dentures and partials, with and without metal frameworks, to suit the your needs.

Denture Repair

Same day denture repair by experienced dental repair technicians. All types of broken denture plates repaired.

Clear Plastic retainer

Given a chance, your teeth will start to shift after your braces are removed or after you complete your Invisalign treatment. The only way to guarantee a perfect smile is to wear your retainers.

Removable Denture Type

A denture is a removable replacement for missing teeth and surrounding tissues. Two types of dentures are available — complete and partial dentures.

Basic Acrylic

Acrylic partial denture are used to replace one or more missing teeth in the upper or lower jaw. The acrylic teeth are set and attached next to the natural teeth.

Premium Hi-Impact Acrylic

High impact dentures are durable and tough dentures that are highly resistant to breakage. They are made of nano-sized molecules that are encapsulated to add to their impact absorption. 

Cast Metal (Chrome Cobalt)

Cobalt chrome dentures are an excellent feature for those who want to wear a less bulky denture. Chrome dentures are also the most hygienic since they are less porous than acrylic, accumulating less plaque and tartar.

VALPLAST® Flexible Partial

If you find your acrylic partial denture frequently breaks, then flexible dentures may be ideal for you.


Dentures are designed to replicate the function of natural teeth and there are several different options (types of dentures) depending on your personal needs. We’re then able to make your dentures on-site in our dental laboratory using the highest quality materials.

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Dentures are your solution to a single missing tooth, multiple missing teeth or full mouth restoration. Visit us to know about denture